This is Londonbeat … This is the music …

These are the moments … the memories of how, when and where,  we first heard  

   ”I’ve Been Thinking About You” … ”9 Am”... “You Bring On The Sun”.


This is The Journey we are blessed to share with you, our faithful fans.


 “… What good is being here without you?...”


Thank you for making The Journey.


Keep Reaching Out! …



Written and recorded in our LB studio in London, for our 2nd LP,  "In The Blood".

We wrote Thinking  in a couple of hours,

then rewrote it a dozen times before we realized the first idea was the best.

The takeaway?

Trust your instincts. It’s a happy-sad song about breaking up.  

To up-coming artists:

Don’t give up!


I've Been Thinking About You was turned down by quite a few record producers & record companies.


We finally got a deal.

The critics were wrong.


Thinking went to No. 1 in 27 countries. 

First time we heard  I've Been Thinking About You… on the radio was bliss.

The bliss of knowing your music is connecting on a global scale!  

If everyone could know that bliss just once in their lives!... MTV… all the major music channels… Suddenly our videos were in heavy rotation around the globe. We’d check into our hotel rooms and Thinking… was playing!… Surreal!

We were at the American Hotel in Amsterdam after a hectic few days of radio and tv promotion.

Our manager took a call at reception, and came rushing back flushed with excitement to tell us “We’re number one in Holland!” That set off a chain of phone calls that evening from our record company, saying we’d just gone to number one in no less than twelve territories around the globe, all in the space of a few hours.

Thank you Holland for being the first of 27 countries  - including the USA! - to make Londonbeat Numero Uno in the charts around the world! 


I’ve Been Thinking About You was released during the gulf war. Fans with loved ones in war zones connected with the words, the feelings of our song. That’s what music is meant to be about – connecting us all through our life experiences.